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We LOVE taking groups to our favourite little corners of the Earth.

Small group travel experiences are what we are all about.

We love it so much, we have been taking people on adventures for the past 25 years. 

That's our buzz.

Our group size could be anywhere from 20;  not so big that you're lost in a coach-load of people,

but big enough that you'll find and make new friends.

Right through to our largest group being 350 !

Travelling solo ?

No problem ! Our trips are perfect for solo travellers. 

What a wonderful opportunity to make those new friends , broaden your horizons and social circle :0) 

With an experienced guide to lead you through amazing destinations, you will have like minded travellers

to share the journey with you.

We take the hassle out of all the arrangements, looking after everything from start to finish.

Transfers, flights, accommodation, sightseeing options, meals and activities - you will have nothing

to do to think about !

All you need to do is pack your passport, bags and you are on your way. 

From corporate to sporting events, special interest to groups of girls wanting new and fun adventures

with mates we have designed and experienced them all. 

Our expertly crafted itineraries include once-in-a-lifetime experiences, taking you to the must-see

highlights as well as hidden gems not known to the typical tourist.

Travel alters our entire approach to life, making us adventurers. 

Looking for stories to tell for a lifetime ? 
Come join us- you'll have plenty of stories to tell by the end of your adventure.


Which extraordinary destination will you choose?

Live. Breathe. Travel 

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