Our Team..

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 Sharon O'Brien  Director 

Hola Travellers,  
Welcome to where Travel Dreams are created !
I'm Sharon or Shaz to many. 

My 'addiction' in life has always been Travel since day 'Uno'.
My first memory of travel was travelling between Ireland and England by ferry as a very young nipper.
I can still remember the rough seas !
My parents are adventurers and emigrated from
Ireland to New Zealand for a brighter future.

Not knowing a soul in New Zealand certainly takes a gutsy attitude, especially with three young daughters
in tow.

I will always be grateful to them for my experience of new horizons.
I have been very fortunate to travel the Globe and
live on both sides of the Equator.

I have years of experience in this wonderful industry
(30 plus in fact). During this time I have ran Leisure Travel Agencies, worked in Corporate in both NZ & the UK, managed Incentive Groups, created Group Travel and escorted many a group to amazing corners of the globe. And am still going ! Travel will always be in my blood. 
I'd like to think I know a little bit of the World -
just a wee bit :)

For me it is not about possessions but experiences.
I have many many stamps in my passport, but loads more pages to fill ! 

My goal in life is to achieve  'Passport Heavy' status.
A passport full of rich adventures & life experiences, only the travelled world can bring. 
Come along on the adventure, and let's get passport heavy together.
I can't wait to create that amazing travel adventure
just for you ! 

(Stamp Stamp)
S x



          Michelle Pine   Events 

Hi I am Michelle,
I look after the exciting events side of the business at Live Breathe Travel. 
My background is Project administration and management. Over my many years in the corporate environment I have worked for many a large company.
From a multinational computer technology corporation, Regional Council, to a Premium Wine Brand (handy!) through to a well recognised sports company, my career has never been boring. 
Over my 30 years in business  I have had many a challenging role, and am a girl that loves a challenge.
So when Live Breathe Travel invited me to help them create their Events, I was definitely in!

I consider myself a Right Brain creative, even with all the Left Brain skills I possess.
I have a passion for planning, love to multi-task (what girl doesn't?!) love to problem solve, and get a kick out of implementing an idea and seeing the end result in all it's glory.

Our team are full of fun stuff and fabulous ideas.
We love the odd fancy dress up ourselves :) 
So if it's a special birthday celebration, corporate conference or event, product launch, an overseas or local incentive for your business, we can't wait to help.

In my down time am spending time with my husband and two children and our fur babies.
I have two sisters that I love to adventure with, when time allows love to travel New Zealand and soon the World.

We look forward to creating that perfect event or celebration for you.
M x